How to Donate

One Time

Every dollar that is donated to Project Adoptable will go towards the rescue, care and adoption of dogs in need. Below is a detailed breakdown on how your one time donation can keep us running and provide for our dogs.

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Monthly Membership

Want to help Project Adoptable's dogs by supporting us once a month? By becoming a member you'll receive a monthly email detailing on the dog you're helping.

Type of Membership


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How Your Donations Help






We rely on our website for outreach and education. A donation of $20 can help us cover the costs associated with the maintenance of both the website and our email system.





$30 allows us to provide an enrichment package to our foster homes for a single dog. This includes toys, Kong fillings and treats that enrich a dog’s happiness and facilitates their training.








A $15 donation allows us to provide one Rabies, bordatella, or distemper vaccination. These vaccinations are essential to the health of our dogs.






Nutrition and quality of food is very important to us so we feed our dogs Natural Balance. A $51 donation covers one bag of food which lasts an average of a month or a medium-large dog.