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Our Story

The story of Project Adoptable begins with a wide-eyed, boundless ball of energy named Finn. Over a year ago, Finn was in a no-kill shelter waiting to be adopted for 4 months. He previously received very little training before being surrendered to animal control. Just like many dogs in shelters, Finn began to show signs of stress. His lips became bloody from pushing his nose constantly through his cage’s fencing and he began to lose a lot of weight. Potential adopters would pass right by, scared off by this skinny pit bull-type dog with his ceaseless amount of energy. That’s when Project Adoptable founder Kaitlin Krupp decided to step up to foster Finn. She provide him with a loving home, lots of tasty treats, and used only positive reinforcement training methods. Finn quickly became a well behaved pup that has been a teacher and foster brother to many other foster dogs.

While Finn was lucky to be in a no-kill shelter, many dogs just like him end up in kill shelters and don’t have the luxury of 4 months time. They don’t have a chance to receive training, be in a stress free foster, or even to find their forever home.

Project Adoptable aims to rescue dogs with little to no training from high kill situations and provide them with the opportunity to succeed in becoming the adoptable dog that they truly are.


3.9 million

Dogs enter shelters every year.

1.4 Million

dogs are adopted.


dogs are euthanized.


have been saved by us since 2016.


How we make a difference

We here at Project Adoptable believe that it is our duty to help our dogs learn to coexist with us in the kindest, gentlest way possible. Project Adoptable pulls high energy, 'wild' dogs from shelters that don't do well in a kennel environment, and finds suitable foster homes to help them learn their doggy manners and to channel their energy into appropriate outlets. We use positive reinforcement to teach the dogs what we would like them to do, and use management and redirection when our dogs are doing something we don't want them to keep doing. We are committed to being 100% force-free, and will never use pain, fear, or aversive stimuli such as choke chains or prong collars to force a dog to do something.